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The Orr method of cleaning a ditch or creek

When we excavate and clean a ditch we spread the dirt away from the edge of the creek bank and ditches to keep the moving water from filling back into the ditch. We maintain a consistent shape to the ditch and keep a well-defined edge to minimize erosion of the banks. This clean edging minimizes the overgrowth of vegetation at the banks of the ditch and makes for less problems in the future for our customers.

We sometimes use large stone called Rip-Rap (shown in photo) to minimize soil erosion. The Rip-Rap slows down the flow of water and is placed in areas that have the potential for the most bank erosion.

We have been cleaning ditches and creeks in the area for years and our experience at Orr Construction will make the difference in long term appearance and soil conservation of your ditch or creek. Call us for a job done right.

Ditch work to maintain good water run-off
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